About us

We fundamentally change the way we manage and interact with our health. Deeply integrated, patient centric and fully digital. 

Our story

ONCARE is an international health tech company based in Munich, Germany. Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Christian Hieronimi, ONCARE aims to fundamentally change the way we manage and interact with our health – fully integrated, patient-centric and digital.


To achieve this, we created an ecosystem with our digital platform myoncare, within which we interconnected the players in the healthcare system and thus comprehensively supported data exchange and availability, in the future also via a specially developed blockchain.


As a holistic, cross-indication platform, myoncare is used by patients, healthcare providers, for digital support of medications and medical devices, and as part of disease education and screening for insured individuals and employees.

Our core values

Trust technology

We are committed to creating a safe and sound environment for digital health. We’re setting standards in data security, because we know that in order for people to trust technology, there needs to be reliable solutions by disruptive technology.

Collaborative mindset

We know we only can tackle complexity together. We focus on our strengths and build on synergies. Because we know connected solutions lead to simplified and better healthcare.

Adaptive thinking

We do not believe in one fits all solutions because we know the reality is different. We easily adapt to changing conditions by providing modular and scalable solutions for a complex and everchanging ecosystem.

Human innovation

We are transforming healthcare for the sake of the people.
By putting patients at the centre of our doing, we ensure a holistic and sustainable view of healthcare.

The future of healthcare

“We see the future in much more patient-centered and digital care than has been the case to date. It must be more interdisciplinary, include all concomitant diseases, and not take place in individual specialist silos. Therapies, medications, and medical devices can deliver better results if we bring patients on board more as managers of their health, as partners of healthcare providers rather than their treatment objects. Improved adherence and early detection of potential complications can be key to better outcomes in many therapies.”

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Christian Hieronimi, Founder & CEO


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