We fundamentally change the way we manage and interact with our health.

Deeply integrated, patient centric and fully digital.

Our story

ONCARE is an international health tech company based in Munich, Germany. Founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneur Christian Hieronimi, ONCARE aims to fundamentally change the way we manage and interact with our health – fully integrated, patient-centric and digital.

To achieve this, we created an ecosystem with our digital platform myoncare, within which we interconnected the players in the healthcare system and thus comprehensively supported data exchange and availability, in the future also via a specially developed blockchain.

As a holistic platform applicable to many indications, myoncare is used by patients, healthcare providers, pharma, MedTech, insurance companies and in the context of corporate health management.

Our core values


In all our thinking, we put the patient at the center and consider what is best for them. It is only through this approach that we can create products and solutions that sustainably advance the healthcare system.


We believe that a product or service can only become exceptional if the people behind it are passionate about developing and improving it every day. That is what drives us as a company.


Innovation is what drives us forward as a human race, and it will be especially so for the future of healthcare. Only through new and disruptive approaches can we confront existential problems such as an increasing number of multimorbid patients and a shortage of doctors.


Only through trust in data security and utility are patients and other stakeholders willing to actively use new applications. Trust is something that has to be earned, and we work to strengthen it every day, whether through new security measures or certificates.


We believe that every opinion and idea counts and should be heard, no matter who it comes from. Only through input from different directions can we manage to connect the whole health system through technology.


We believe in Sustainable Solutions, both technical and business, that deliver lasting and long-term value to all stakeholders involved, not just aiming for short term success.

The future of healthcare

“We see the future in much more patient-centered and digital care than has been the case to date. It must be more interdisciplinary, include all concomitant diseases, and not take place in individual specialist silos. Therapies, medications, and medical devices can deliver better results if we bring patients on board more as managers of their health, as partners of healthcare providers rather than their treatment objects. Improved adherence and early detection of potential complications can be key to better outcomes in many therapies.”

Christian Hieronimi, Founder & CEO


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