We take data security to heart

myoncare is the platform for communication and data exchange between the patient, physicians, hospital, aftercare team, MedTech and pharma. Data security is our top priority, which is why we will use the “Private, permissioned Hyper Ledger Fabric Blockchain” technology. Using this security network, our data is pseudonymised, cannot be manipulated and is defined with precise access rights. Important to know: At myoncare, no personal data is stored on servers. You can find more information in the following sections.

You decide which data is available and to which institutions

Self-managed identities give users complete control over their own data and changes to it. All actions are unchangeable and recorded forever in the register. Therefore, for example, instructions by a doctor are always registered and reliably traceable. You can determine who can see the data, who can’t, and give editing access.

Who can see what data?
Patient: As a patient, you have access to all the data you have entered, i.e. your personal data and your entire documented medical history.

Doctor / Clinic / Hospital / Nursing team: If you grant access, your doctor or nursing team can also view all your data.

Pharma/MedTech: Manufacturers can only see anonymous data and it is never possible to draw conclusions about a patient and his personal data. For the example from the graphic this means: Patient, 52 years old, diabetic. This is the only information available to manufacturers.

Why will we use a blockchain?

With the help of blockchain, document modification is made verifiable by a hashing procedure. Data records, which are stored in a register and permanently available to all participants, can be continuously expanded, but each change results in a “hash”, which is assigned like a fingerprint for the respective processing status of the document. These hashes form a chain (the blockchain), which is extended in the workflow and never interrupted. If a data record is subsequently changed, this chain breaks and the hash of the respective document indicates that a system-inherent subsequent change has been made. An undetected falsification of existing data records is thus impossible. 


What does hyperledger fabric mean?

Hyperledger Fabric is a technology to realize blockchain solutions in medical environments. This makes it possible to create private areas so that unauthorized persons cannot access the content. We use a private and at the same time permissioned variant. This means that only certain users can have read- and/or write-access.

For example, you were with Doctor A and your treatment data was stored on the myoncare platform. You will be referred to Doctor B for further treatment. He will then ask you whether he can also access the data for reading and adding further therapy results. You alone decide whether you wish to do so and grant access.


Your data will be protected with hyperledger fabric blockchain

Highest safety standard

The core of every blockchain solution are so-called “hubs”, which together form a control instance. They define the rules according to which new data records can be fed into a block and thus into the blockchain. If a new data record or new information is to be transferred, each node checks the new data record to ensure that all rules and criteria have been adhered to. This happens automatically at defined intervals.

Only when all nodes have confirmed compliance with the rules can a new data record be included in a block and thus in the blockchain. If a node rejects the data, this data record will not find its way into the blockchain and will therefore not be visible to other participants. Thus, unauthorized manipulations are prevented from the start, making the Hyperledger Blockchain the gold standard in data security today. This solution therefore also allows the exchange of data via the myoncare platform.

The data collected worldwide is invaluable to science. With myoncare we are creating a digital health platform through which the therapy and health maintenance of a patient (e.g. diagnosis, medication, therapy, products and data) could be continuously optimized with the knowledge available worldwide. The availability and comparability of the data for scientific purposes not only leads to new findings, but also potentially to new, improved products.


The anonymity of the data is guaranteed

Data generated by myoncare is completely pseudonomized, SSL and peer-to-peer encrypted. This means that both the files and the transfer itself are coded from beginning to end of any transmission. This means that no conclusions can be drawn about demographic data within myoncare at any time.