Unleash the full potential of your medical devices.*

Through our digital health platform, we enable manufacturers to digitally enhance their products, thereby promoting adherence and data availability.

*myoncare may currently only be used by healthcare professionals for patient monitoring and diagnostic support.

Digital health companion for analog medical devices.

With the myoncare health platform, we enable additional support for patients using a medical device while allowing companies to collect anonymized data for regulatory requirements or product development.


Using the technically advanced backend, specific content can be easily created and played out via the myoncare mobile app. For example, you can support patients with additional and prepared information on the correct handling, provide information on risks, and regularly record the state of health, which may enable potential adverse events to be detected more quickly.

Easy patient onboarding via QR-Codes*

Easy onboarding for patients via a product-specific QR code. In the future it will also be possible to flexibly place certain QR-Codes – for example, on a website, flyer or package insert – or share it with collaborating physicians, hospitals, or pharmacies.


*Not yet available in the current product.

Digital information and
education to support
adherence and outcomes.

For products to be implemented, educate your patients about the surgery, post-discharge factors to consider, or potential side effects or complications, thereby supporting patient compliance and peace of mind. The integration of images or videos enables you to easily create clear instructions for use. 


Health monitoring and data collection using PROM questionnaires.

Questionnaires can be used to continuously track patients’ health status. Threshold values, which can be linked to individual questions, can be used to automatically inform HCPs when values are outside the tolerable range.

Manufacturers may receive anonymized data to support their post-market surveillance or development activities, depending on the arrangement with the myoncare-using physician.

Your benefits at a glance

Analog products meaningfully expanded

It's never been easier to extend your products in meaningful ways. By providing a digital companion, patients can additionally be supported on their health journeys and valuable insights into health contexts can be gained by physicians.

High potential for scaling

The content can be linked and played out automatically, depending on a reference date, allowing multiple patients to be supported without much effort.

Comprehensive PROM data collection capability

Digital questionnaires allow tracking of health outcomes over long periods of time and can provide important data for post-market surveillance and development.

Support Brand Awareness

Promote your brand awareness through high-quality content created by you and branded with your logo.

MDR IIa CE-marked medical device

myoncare is a CE-marked (CE 0123) medical device and is therefore subject to very high quality and data security requirements. 


High level of data security

The data within myoncare is end-to-end encrypted.