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Digital companion for medications.1

Our digital health platform empowers you to create personalized digital companion solutions that support medication efficacy and improve data accessibility.

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All features in one solution

Digital companion for analog medications.

With the myoncare healthcare platform, we enable additional support for patients taking a medication, while companies can collect anonymized data for regulatory requirements or product development.

  • Suitable for a wide range of indications 2

  • Class IIa medical device

  • No-code CMS: content creation without IT knowledge

  • Numerous features and automation options

  • Intuitive patient app (smartphone or web)

  • Provide content easily via QR code

  • Collect scalable structured data

  • 6 available languages (DE, EN, IT, FR, PT, AR)

Just a few steps

Create digital companions for your medication


Create content yourself

Using myoncare's intuitive content management system, you can create your own content - e.g. questionnaires or information content - and combine it into treatment pathways.


Easy patient onboarding

After completing a treatment pathway, you can generate a QR code and share it with users. Your patients receive access to the myoncare app via the QR code and the content you have created is automatically stored in the app. The content is now automatically played out in the order and at the intervals you specify.


Comprehensive options for data collection

Patient responses can be recorded in a structured way. Digital questionnaires allow health outcomes to be tracked over long periods of time and can provide important data for post-market monitoring and development.



  • 1

    Early detection of side Effects

    Regular health checks based on questionnaires make it possible to identify contraindications, risks and adverse events at an early stage.

  • 2


    Through intuitive explanations and information, we promote understanding of products and their mode of action, thereby also supporting patients' adherence to treatment.

  • 3

    Peace of mind

    Through continuous monitoring and the exchange of information.



  • 1


    myoncare can help patients adhere better to their treatment guidelines, which is a key factor in the success of medications.

  • 2

    Improved patient Satisfaction

    Through the additional provision of information and monitoring.

  • 3

    Collect Real-world data

    myoncare enables the scalable collection of large amounts of data, e.g. to support research or post-market surveillance activities.


You decide: platform or service?

Whether you want to design your own digital program from scratch or offer your patients digital support with minimal effort - we have the right solution.


Build your own infrastructure with the myoncare platform

Maximum flexibility for your project. Create and combine your own content and manage patients via the innovative dashboard.​

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